Do They Deserve Help?

Should we only help people who deserve help or not or what? Should you not save those who don't serve it? Wonder Woman seems to be saying it is not about deserving but rather about believing. Some people choose to do things out of belief in that choice in love, as in real love, as in grace and justice. For the sake of justice, you can argue by saying you should not help and you should punish those who do not deserve it and those who deserve retribution, justice, revenge, the wages of sin, death, penalties, debt, and so on. But justice is who's job? That is a good question. Is it the job of government, God, parents, teachers, police, to carry out justice? Is it the job of Batman, Dexter Morgan, Wonder Woman, Superman, other super heroes or what?

For me, I choose to love people, to give them grace, mercy, forgiveness, kindness, as much as I can. Wonder Woman seems to agree that only love can save the world as opposed to thunder, lightning, and so on.

2018-01-06 Saturday 02:00 PM PST FGL JA Oatmeal Joey Arnold.

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