Witness veteranforcrypto is Live! Here's what we bring to Hive!


New home. New Us. Our intent to help grow Hive.


Hive Tech intent

Starting off, with all the behind the scene contributions that have been made to the project a huge thank you for getting The Hive Block chain online. The significance this brings is tremendous and we are very eager to be a part of this with the running of this witness. With this witness, we want to bring a lot of social aspects to The Hive Block chain. The diverse community we can create together to further a bond across the hive.

Future Projects TBA

Daily posts will be chosen from each category as the "Post of the day" to be featured to all of our witness voters and followers.

We have been bouncing around the ideas of what further applications 'veteranforcrypto' can bring to hive weve had a few stay tuned.

Up Time Reliability of the Witness
Keeping the witness operating optimally with the reliability approach to support the operation of developments to come. This is one of our biggest goals and strive for hive to stay alive 24/7.

Social Aspects we will bring

The Great Outdoors
The Great Outdoors have endless experiences that can be involved. Showcasing your photography skills of the wilderness scenery or the great hunting / fishing trip taken. Any other outdoor activities are combed within this as well.

Military Veterans on Hive
Veterans have so many barriers in each of their lives.That sometimes the only people they let in are other fellow Veterans. With experiences like no one can relate to, the discussions are to promote the support of each veteran with tips and donations for the community.

Veterans Community Link: created/hive-131578
Veterans & Blockchain Discord Link: https://discord.gg/jfeJub3

Daily Motherhood on Hive
Motherhood has so many meanings and feelings with no one certainty. The needs of a mother always come last and sometimes that feeling is just overwhelming. To be able to breath and feel that uncertainty diminish is something within our community. This can deal with different topics any parent can post or comment to. Daily journals, is something as mothers we look back to a lot for the great memories we cherished and enjoy others accomplishments as well.

Husband and Wife Witness Team



If You Like What you have heard head over to vote at @veteranforcrypto or https://peakd.com/me/witnesses (Search 'veteranforcrypto' this way) We will construct our hive together. Lets get to work fellow bees.


Also you can join our Discord community @ https://discord.gg/BNkb7RT

By @derangedvisions