Hive witness update log #17: Getting ready for HF24

witness update log 17.png

As predicted in my previous witness update log, HF24 got pushed back to 6 October 2020, 14:00 UTC which is in 24 hours as of writing this post.

This means more time for us to update our applications and nodes to v1.24.2 compatible to ensure a smooth transition to HF24 for users, provided if nothing goes wrong with the network itself. running v1.24.2

For those who do not know, this is a raw AppBase endpoint that points directly to my hived instance in my full RPC node setup, which is compatible with wallet apps such as Keychain, and apps that rely a lot on account history. That means no Jussi reverse proxy or Hivemind related endpoints, but it can be used as an endpoint to sync a Hivemind database.

After wasting several days replaying due to outdated READMEs on Hivemind, this endpoint is now on v1.24.2 so for those who need another API node that does not involve contents or votes (or anything Hivemind related except syncing a new Hivemind instance), feel free to use it.

If you're using Hive Keychain with any Eclipse nodes like this one, please update to v1.10.2 so that it will display your account balances correctly with the new API changes.

My API endpoint is still currently being fully redirected until I have the time to fix my corrupted Jussi installation (I might just run it without Docker which will be much easier for me to manage).

Signalling HF24

Screenshot 20201005 at 8.51.27 PM.png

excuse my completely outdated witness description, I will need to update my profiles everywhere ASAP

Besides, I have been signing blocks for the last 3 days on v1.24.2 (as shown above). As of writing this post, 9 out of top 21 witnesses are running the new version, which means we still need 8 more witnesses in the top 21 to update to execute this hardfork.

Here is my full review on HF24 for those who missed it. And for the record, this is the first block that I signed on v1.24.2.

HF24 ready

I have updated my OneLoveIPFS uploader to be HF24 compatible in a minor update as announced here two days ago, so please update your Hive Keychain to the latest version to minimize issues when broadcasting uploaded video hashes to the blockchains.

DTube is also updated for HF24 since the recent v1.0 patch.

On another important note

Completely unrelated to HF24, but a very important thing for us to know.

The EARN IT act, which introduces laws to ban encryption, is being brought to the House of Representatives in the US. If this law comes into effect, it will mean that any form of encrypted messages on Hive would be illegal (that means no encrypted transfer memos etc).

OneLoveIPFS hosting service uses encrypted memos for authentication purposes to verify that the user has the posting key to a whitelisted account that they control, without sending plain-text private keys to the server (which also made Keychain integration possible back in v0.8.4 update). I'm pretty sure there are other Hive applications or services use a similar approach for authentication also. This will no longer be allowed under the law.

For those who are living in the US, please do the community a favour by taking necessary action to stop this act from being the reality. Send them a strong message on why this should not be put into effect.

Witness performance

Let's see how well my witness performed lately :)

Current rank: 93rd (active rank 83rd)
Votes: 4,016 MVests
Voter count: 110

Producer rewards (7 days): 25.38 HP
Producer rewards (30 days): 108.46 HP
Missed blocks: 1 (oh noooo)

Server resource statistics

This section will be present in every witness update logs (if any of my nodes are online) to provide new witnesses up-to-date information about the system requirements for running a Hive node.

hived (v1.24.2, MIRA)

block_log file size: 288 GB
blockchain folder size: 700 GB
Account history RocksDB size: 404 GB
RAM usage: 7.4 GB

Comparing with v0.23.0, the account history RocksDB size has increased by ~100GB, but the rest of the chain state has decreased from 124GB to 8.5GB as more APIs are being moved to Hivemind. This is also significantly lower than a 42GB chain state on v0.23.0 under low memory mode.

Yes, this is a synced up HF24 node in MIRA, which I managed to replay using the --memory-replay option, and it only uses 16GB of RAM.

Server network utilization (last 30 days)

witness update 17 network graph.png

Pulled straight from server provider, best viewed on light mode


Currently subsidising server expenses myself for the first year. If you like what I'm doing, please consider supporting by voting for me.

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i hope to update this banner also post hadfork

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