Upgraded to v1.24.2

Edit: I decided to just power through and get things updated tonight. Ended up having to upgrade my whole server from Ubuntu 16 to Ubuntu 18 in the process. Because who doesn't like staying up until 2:50am listening to Burning Man tunes and upgrading a server?

2897611ms witness_plugin.cpp:343 block_production_loo ] Generated block #47495528 with timestamp 2020-10-04T06:48:18 at time 2020-10-04T06:48:18

Here's hoping for a good upgrade. Good luck to the active witnesses.

I've temporarily disabled my witness as I update my server. As I was prepping for 1.24.2, I accidentally maxed out my disk space, so I had to shut things down to clean it up. Since I'm now just a backup witness, I disabled my other backup node, though this would have been a good time to have it. :)

No worries though. There are plenty of other well-qualified, trusted community members out there who enjoy server management and are securing the chain. I've been really busy as the Managing Director for http://fioprotocol.io/ since December, so my available time for Hive has gone way down. As unfortunate as that may sound, I do believe working on FIO is really important for the whole cryptocurrency space (and thus, for freedom in general). I considered shutting down my Hive witness entirely, but I like the idea of helping to secure my home on the blockchain and help keep it decentralized, so for now I'll keep my server going (once I get it back up and running that is).

I should be back up and running by tomorrow.

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