CommentCoin creator @kristall97 is now a Witness

Hello dear community,

I, @kristall97 am a creator and the programmer of the CommentCoin.
The project exists already 1 year on the Blockchain.
We started with Steem and our main blockchain will be in the new version of the CommentCoin (CommentCoin 2.0) the Blockchain Hive.
Of course Steem will also be integrated into the ecosystem of the CommentCoin.

Through the CommentCoin we have built many servers and a huge server farm.
From this I got the idea:
"Not only can we write data to the hive, we also have to give something back to the hive and the blockchain.

Exactly because of this and to strengthen the blockchain I decided to build up a Witness.
We want to give something back to the community and the blockchain and also strengthen them.

In the near future we as CommentCoin-Team plan many more projects.
These are primarily intended to help the Hive itself and make it better known.

The Witness server is already running and is up2date :)

That was a little introduction to my person and with the attached info that I have set up a Witness and will continue to maintain it!

Many greetings



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