Using my witness votes

Sorry if you felt annoyed by my tag. ​

I want to know, if I should vote on ya.

I am a person with a small stake in Hive, financially that is. Yet, I do spend time on My main avenue of increasing stake is on Hive, the social media aspect on the first layer(or so I've heard it put). Downvotes are concerning to me in regards to the future development of but not the Hive blockchain.

What are your views on downvotes. More specifically, do you think casting a down vote as a witness on large quality content creators content that cross promotes to hive discourages growth by giving said content creator the appearance that an official hive rep disapproves of said content?

If yes or no, I would love to hear your opinions if you feel your time is worth a comment.


Do you think Hive is still worth developing further? Can we call it beta still or is this a finished product?

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thank you for all you do for The Hive Blockchain!

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