Witness update from @c0ff33a and @derangedvisions

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We all have thirty Witness votes available, who we choose to vote is a personal choice - I look to support those Witnesses that I feel are going to increase the value of Hive and therefore my own staked Hive.

This post is therefore not a vote for my Witness post, because every Hive Stakeholder should make their own judgement on how to use (or not use) their Witness votes. It is a justification to my current Witness voters of what I am doing to support the Hive blockchain, and contribute to it's growth and increase in the value of Hive.

As of February 22nd 2021 @c0ff33a Witness runs five independent servers dedicated to the Hive Blockchain - they comprise

  1. Full Account History Node with Hivemind Instance feeding off it making up part of https://api.c0ff33a.uk and all of https://rpc.c0ff33a.uk
  2. Primary Witness Node for @c0ff33a
  3. Primary Witness Node for @whiterosecoffee
  4. Second Hivemind instance and backup Witness node
  5. Full Account History Node contributing to https://api.c0ff33a.uk and feeding Hivemind on server 4.

API nodes provide the gateway to the Hiveblockchain, front ends like @hiveio and @peakd use them to display the posts you read, and to post to the blockchain your actual posts and also comments and votes. In addition dapps and services need API nodes to run, so when you use @splinterlands, @dcity or @holybread and any other Hive backed service it will be using a API node.

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There are various services to view a list of active API nodes with ranking, I prefer https://hive.ausbit.dev/ from Witness @ausbitbank because it gives an hourly performance ranking.

https://api.c0ff33a.uk is run through Jussi and splits all calls equally between my two full account history nodes and two hivemind nodes.

https://rpc.c0ff33a.uk is run through @ecency RPC-proxy and uses one of my full account history nodes and one hivemind to process calls.

https://hiveblog.c0ff33a.uk is my own condenser instance.

All my servers run on UK based IP's and are fully dedicated to Hive Blockchain, having two Witnesses and two API nodes running makes me quite unique in the Witness ranks and also ensures the Hive Blockchain has dedicated decentralised support should it need it.

Community Support

The greatest asset Hive Blockchain has is its community, that is you the people who post on your favourite front end, talk about Hive and promote it. To encourage our most active posters and engagers I delegate just under 18,000 of my own Hive Power to user accounts and community accounts. The majority of these user account delegations have been made through community contests, and have been made with no strings attached - the accounts that receive the delegations only need to continue to be active on Hive blockchain to continue receiving them.


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As a UK based Hive Witness I support our UK Hive accounts with our own Brits discord https://discord.gg/8CVx2Am , our own TeamUK community created/hive-151781 and @teamuksupport which is delegated to by members of the UK Hive community and votes on posts using #teamuk as one of their tags. Posts under 100 words receive a 25% upvote with a comment suggesting they improve post quality with a greater word count, posts with more then 100 words receive an 85% upvote and reblog by the account. #teamuk is exclusively for use by accounts living in the UK, or those who originate from the UK and have now moved to other parts of the world.

@steevc has followed on from @pennsif and started listing our active UK Hive accounts

He also lists our UK based Witnesses

@someguy123, @ura-soul, @cadawg, @whiterosecoffee, @c0ff33a, @nathanmars, @shmoogleosukami

There is also @pcste who I just revoted again thanks to Dixon of Dock Green

UK Hive Meetups

@shanibeer and @nathanmars have been driving forces for UK based meet ups, covid has complicated real life meet ups although I did get together @shanibeer, @slobberchops, @stevenwood , @nathanmars and @shmoogleosukami for a September 2020 meet up and everyone seemed to enjoy it. For 2021 @c0ff33a will definitely be running a meet up in July / August providing Covid restrictions allow - it will be another free to attend event and fully catered again with food and drink sourced from local business.

Thank you for Making Hive for us

All of my own Witness votes are made up from accounts that have helped me, inspired me or just plain contributed to my Hive experience. You can easily look up my Witness votes on https://hiveblocks.com/@c0ff33a or front ends like @peakd

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Active HIVE Witness alongside @derangedvisions, if you appreciate the effort and work we put into the HIVE blockchain please consider giving us a Witness vote.

We run five Hive servers, two Witness Servers, Hivemind Instance, Full Account History Node, FAT Node
https://api.c0ff33a.uk our full API server to use with your dapps and front end
https://hiveblog.c0ff33a.uk Our own condenser front end, exclusively using our own API server to access the Hive Blockchain. For the best experience use on Brave Browser with Hive Keychain plugin.

Proud sponsor with @derangedcontests of @lucksacks.com , free to play and cash out HIVE rewards, head to Lucksacks Website now and start playing.

Visit #brits Discord Channel Join #teamuk and make your posts easily found, post with the tag or create a post in teamuk community so your fellow Brits can easily find and support your work. Let's work together to make #hiveuk an active community on the Hive Blockchain.

#teamuk tag is followed and actively upvoted by @teamuksupport

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Become a White Rose Coffee Roasters affiliate and earn a percentage of the sales you bring in for sharing your affiliate page links Become A White Rose Coffee Roasters Affiliate now payout available via Pay Pal or HIVE based on the current exchange rate.

The Coffee Break Discord Voice Chat Show, in @thealliance Mondays 10pm UTC hosted by @c0ff33a and @enginewitty
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