Hive API Node for under $750 - Hive can scale at very low cost.

Recently @blocktrades revealed the specifications of a computer capable of running an Hive API node which can handle ALL of Hive's current transactions.

This is the result of dramatic improvements in the efficiency of the core blockchain code (hived & hivemind).

I was astounded at how moderate the requirements were:

  • CPU 4/8 cores/threads 4.0Ghz
  • 64 Gb RAM
  • 2 x 2 TB NVME SSD

I confirmed with him that similarly specced PCs such as my current witness node could also run ALL of Hive's current traffic.

I've been saying in various comments that one can purchase a PC meeting or exceeding those specs for around $1000 and thought I should actually price things out.

Screen Shot 20210118 at 19.23.48.png

It turns out that the basic components for a Hive API node cost less than $750!

You'll need to add a power supply and case (around $50) if you don't have them already from an older PC.

You can run the Hive API node headless and SSH in from another machine or use another machine's monitor and keyboard / mouse to get things running.

So for as little as $750 outlay anyone with a bit of technical experience can run a Hive API node.

This surely makes Hive by far the lowest-cost content-storing blockchain to run.
This means Hive can offer the lowest cost transactions to DApp developers sick of Ethereum's crazy gas fees.
It means Hive can scale and become much more decentralised, at very little cost.

I call on all witnesses who have decent internet connections to consider running an API node.

  • The more API nodes we have, the more resilient we are to attacks by enemies of free speech.
  • The more API nodes we have the more refugees from The Purge we can onboard.

I also call on the amazing developers of Hive who have improved efficiency by orders of magnitude to properly and simply document the process of setting up an API node so that it is easy for people with average technical skills to do.

Hive is the Bitcoin of content, social media and DApps.

It can be as resiliant and decentralised as Bitcoin too.

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