Buy HIVE with Credit Cards!?!

So, a while back @yabapmatt and I went to NFT.NYC. It's one of the last public facing events that happened in blockchain where you could meet in person prior to covid. While there we met the dudes from MoonPay. is a website that allows you to convert from fiat into crypto - including via credit and debit cards.

MoonPay is handy because they already worked out a lot of the legalities for crypto/fiat. The upside is that it works in lots of places, but the downside is that despite them being able to trade some tokens in the USA they can't trade HIVE there yet.

So, what's happening now? @yabapmatt and I have been working with the guys from MoonPay for the past couple of months to get HIVE added to their service, and now you can buy HIVE directly with fiat, including with Credit Cards, in 60 different countries!

Use this link to try it out!

You can go there and use your KYCed MoonPay account to buy HIVE with a credit card.

We'll be updating Keychain shortly so that you'll see a button that let's you quickly purchase HIVE. Also, any other Hive websites or tools can add a button that goes to that link to let their users buy HIVE with a credit card too!

Simultaneously we're still trying to get HIVE listed in the US. If it gets supported there, then we'll be offering US customers a way to purchase HIVE with a credit card as well.

The current plan is to not take any merchant fee for transactions beyond what MoonPay charges. It's a service project as a witness. We're not not intending to profit here. Now, for the first time ever you can directly buy HIVE with a credit card!

If you think Splinterlands, Hive Engine, PALnet/MSPwaves, Hive Keychain, and now the ability to directly purchase HIVE with a credit card in 60 countries are valuable contributions to the platform (or even just some of them), please consider voting for @yabapmatt, @aggroed, and @stoodkev for witness.

Good Times and Hive On!

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