Witness Update - @timcliff's witness node is re-activated

Hi All,


My witness node is active again and running 22.444.

Longer Explanation

I shut my witness down at the time Tron took over the chain, as my view at the time was that it was not right to continue producing blocks on a chain that was 100% centrally controlled. The only path forward that I saw at the time was to create a new fork of Steem where everyone could continue on without Tron, and leave them behind with the blockchain that they controlled.

With the new push for the witnesses to regain control of the current chain, I have re-enabled my witness. I don't yet know where all of this will lead, but I am back to active on the current chain for now.

What is 22.444?

Version 22.444 is the same as version 22.1 (the pre-soft-fork code) and 22.5 (the Tron witness code) except for the version number. The version number is in symbolic protest of the Tron takeover, although it does not implement any soft-fork rules.

My position on the soft fork:

My position on the 22.2 fork that was implemented before the Tron takeover can be found here:

What's Next

Unfortunately, I do not personally see a path forward where Steemians and Tron can work together. Tron has violated boundaries and trust, and done permanent damage to the reputation of our blockchain + community. The damage that Tron has done cannot be undone, and in my mind - our relationship cannot be repaired.

I am going to push for:

  • The community to re-elect community witnesses (witnesses not controlled by Tron) back into the top 20, so that we can prevent Tron from unilaterally pushing through hardfork changes that are opposed by the community.
  • The community to create a fork of Steem, starting with the block just prior to the Tron takeover, and we all move on from there on a new chain (without Tron).


I know there are going to be a LOT of questions about what this all means. I will try my best to clarify my views and position, although the truth is that in most cases I am not going to know the answers.

There are a lot of things that we as a community need to discuss and figure out over the coming days + weeks + months. Rather than get too caught up in the details, the important thing is for us to band together and figure out the best path for the community to take.

I am open to feedback and suggestions. My views are not set in stone.

Vote for witnesses

It is more important than ever that every one of you vote for witnesses now. Please go and vote for the witnesses that you support and help the community elected witnesses take back the top 20!

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