Welcome, Hard Fork 20! (including update info for Steem-in-a-box users)

At 3 PM UTC today (25 Sep 2018), Hard Fork 20 was activated on the Steem network.

Any Steem server not running HF20 was promptly disconnected from the network, and the top 20 are now all producing blocks on HF20.

Unfortunately due to the new Resource Credits system, some people are unable to post, upvote, or even adjust their witness key. This will resolve itself over the next few days as the RC system reaches equilibrium.

How can I update my witness to HF20?

I've now put HF20 (0.20.2) onto the master branch, and the latest docker image. If you're upgrading from 0.19.6 or earlier please update your config file (see @someguy123/the-easy-way-to-install-or-upgrade-to-hardfork-20-steem-in-a-box).

EDIT: now updated for 0.20.3 as of 5:10 PM UTC

Once your config is updated, make sure you're on the right branch:

cd ~/steem-docker
git checkout master
git pull

Finally, the same as every other Steem-in-a-box update:

./run.sh install
./run.sh stop
./run.sh replay

Once replayed, you'll be on HF20.

Fresh install and upgrade instructions at @someguy123/the-easy-way-to-install-or-upgrade-to-hardfork-20-steem-in-a-box are still valid for 0.20.2

HF20 version 0.20.2 has been available for several days in Steem-in-a-box, and instructions were made available earlier in the witness channel on STEEM.CHAT.

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