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Hello everyone again...

Its time to say more about me, so that people can get to know me better, and to be honest, trasparency makes me fell more comfortable.
My full name is Ioannis Chatzigrigoriadis, and i live in a small city in the northern Greece, called Katerini,
Its the city where mountain Olympus, the legendary 12 God mountain, and where the Great Alexander was born, and started his campaing. I am 31 years old, and currenly have a family of 3, me my wife, and a small baby girl...

I ve studied in Aristotle University of Macedonia, as a Mechanical Engineer, and then i made my master for 2 years in Dubai, "MSc in Networking and Systems Administration" R-I-T Dubai.
I spent 4 years working in a firewall company, in the field of Security Management (email filtering) , offering worldwide services to companies.Design, Deploy, Operate and Optimize,was the only thing i could think back then.. heh. More info at this amazing company can be found on their website www.checkpoint.com.

Sadly, under some life changing circumstances, i quit that job, and i moved back to Greece. And decided to do some more carefree job, to sustain my living expenses, and to be honest, being a sysadmin with so many responsibilities makes you nothing more than a robot, and my dreams for family were fading... So i decided to hit that switch of.

My facebook account is https://www.facebook.com/copychicken under the name Giannis Chatzis
My wedding videowork, is currently located at vimeo --> https://vimeo.com/ioannischatzis

I spent my free time with Crypto since 2013. I own a pretty decent etherum farm 900 mhash.
My normal job is a wedding videographer plus some videomaking seminars,and teaching courses i am making online, thus i am all day on a computer editing/teaching.

I used to run pools back in the profitable day. www.poolsofhonor.com
Never missed a single payout... and i ve helped a lot of other pools, secure their frontend and backend from Ddos attacks. Vericoin (VRC) Devs still remember us.

I really got in touch through the forum and ccex, and i met Steem. I really got interested
in its concept, and financial problems its trying to solve,through various ways and tactics.
Sometimes i ask noob questions, but i always have the urge to understand everything i am reading... up to the smallest detail.

I can guarantee 99% uptime... I will be using the digital ocean servers, that i can escalate depending on the needs of the network in just a few seconds.

I think my knowledge in my previous working environment, and even, pool administration, will help alot, me and everyone who seeks my help. All my mining farm will be used as seed-nodes cause there is no need for low latency there. (5 in total)

As far as social media is concerned.. i am already using their max potential for my daily job, so that will not be a problem... to promote and help Steem grow healthy.

I ve been here since day 1, and always tried to do my best helping people,giving ideas, debugging, trying everything our other great guys code and create, although i am not a coder for frontends, my job used to be, and even now... (behind a camera), behind the scenes..., i cannot prove myself for the moment cause my expertise in not needed yet, although since the day we swiched to Dpos, i am always updated an 100% online. And to be really honest it suckzzzz trying so hard, and not being in the top 19!

Thats all!!!

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Thanks everyone for accepting and tolerating me here
Ioannis Chatzigrigoriadis --- Steemychicken1