@pfunk's Witness Post

Hey Hive community. I've met a lot of you online already but if we haven't, consider this an introduction. I came to Hive as a miner fairly early in its life. I created my account by mining on April 23rd 2016. Once I found out what Hive really was for, to enable and reward community-driven content and interaction on a blockchain platform, I was skeptical but very interested. I read the whitepaper outlining the model that Hive was taking to achieve this goal and most of my skepticism vanished. I was in.

I'm still in, moreso than before. A few people have made posts about being full-time in Hive and I can count myself among them. Here are some of the things I do to bring value to Hive and Hive.


I try to be a model Hiveian by commenting, curating, and actually reading/viewing/watching/listening to many of the unique posts we have here. I also participate and help users in over 30 channels on Hive.chat, where I also occasionally perform the role of moderator. You can also sometimes find me in Hivespeak and the Hive Talk Podcast discords.

I post. I was one of the first people on Hive to post topics on subjects other than Hive or cryptocurrency. If you go and scroll all the way down on my blog roll, you'll find my first post was a discussion topic about games and gaming. From the start my goal was to diversify the content on Hive, to make it a valuable platform that people outside the cryptocurrency sphere would want to join. Many others helped as well, and over time that goal has been partially achieved. I still think there is improvement to be made in onboarding people that might be turned off by some of the technical bits about rewards or the complexities of Hive.

Since then I have found the inspiration to share my own personal photography, and thoughts on various topics I'm interested in. It has unlocked something in me that was dormant. I've often had thoughts like doing a blog reviewing tacos or maybe a more eclectic set of topics but I imagined I would just be talking into a chasm and nobody would ever read them. And to get rewarded for sharing photography is unbelievably encouraging to push myself to learn and get better. I reinvested much of my post earnings back into content production: getting a modern DSLR camera and lenses, software, and a photo production-oriented monitor.

I've written a few guides to help people get up to speed with various aspects of Hive and Hive:


As a witness I have stayed active. I've been running at least one Hive node since I first successfully compiled it back in April 2016. I keep my price feed up to date and have adjusted APR and other witness parameters as I think is needed. I have never missed a hardfork.

I've always tried to spur discussion of major changes to Hive, especially when I thought they didn't make any sense. Such changes include a scrapped proposal to give 25% of a post's rewards as a handout to its comments, which I believed would only encourage low quality comments, botting, and gaming that system. Another proposed change I thought was a bad idea was to give the miner block producer slot the same amount of Hive Power rewards as the backup slot. I also share feedback in chat, on Hive, and on github when I see it's necessary.

Why I want your approval vote

I want your vote, small medium or large, if you trust me and approve of what I do in the Hive ecosystem. I'd also like more stake in Hive, not only to have a higher powered vote but also to bring my account investment in line with my time invested. I want to see Hive grow and succeed, and do what I can to make it happen.

Thank you to all the Hiveians who already have an approval vote for me or voted for me in the past. Without you I wouldn't be making this post to get to the next level. The rewards from this post will be used to cover costs for my current local advertising in development.

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