Pcste Witness Thread

Please help me by voting for me on the witness page. (instructions on how to vote for me at bottom of page)

Hello everyone. I'm pcste, ive been on steemit since july and I would now like to become a witness.

A bit about me and what i can do for steemit.
Ive been into computers for about 18 yrs now. mainly windows based until i discovered cryptocurrency.

I initially got into computers from a photography point of view, and learnt digital imaging. however in those days windows pc's crashed all the time and i quickly had to learn how to reformat , install, upgrade etc .

Then friends and family started to ask me to mend their pc's and eventually i started building them.
Over time i then started building custom machines i.e. gaming, recording studio, video editing, flight sims and then eventually litecoin and scrypt mining rigs.

At the begining of the litecoin rush I was the 2nd person on ebay to sell custom mining rigs. at the time i had not actually made a rig and only knew how to build, install and configure it in theory. I even had to learn how to build a custom frame to put everything in. i must admit i had a few sleepless nights when my first orders came in lol. I was confident tho that with my knowledge i could work it all out.

A few years after getting into computers i started learning webdesign, at that time everything was either hand coded or done in dreamweaver. As my background is visual (photography ) i found it easier to use dreameaver than coding, however i still had to learn how to edit and remove excessive and bad code which at the time dreamweaver was good at lol.

I started working with a local linux techie, who use to make all his websites by hand but had no visual awareness. together we made a descent team. i designed the layout, buttons, colours etc and my friend would then hack my code up and make it good lol.
We both then got hired by an international web portal where i was head of design and my friend was IT/Systems Manager.

After that job i started to build websites for local artists and musicians and built a website for my local music scene, to act as a directory of venue's, bands, gigs and events. I managed to get a bit of funding from local venues but unfortunately i never had the manpower or resources to make it very big and eventually it got shelved.

Since then I havn't done much webdesign until i discovered steemit which inspired me to start building sites again so ive started a few steemit related sites. (they are all at test stage atm)
how to steemit http://howtosteemit.com/
steemfriends http://www.steemfriends.com
steemartist (online soon)

Ive also been a photographer, musician, D.J. V.J. and sound engineer.
Did an OND and HND in advertising photography but then rejected the advertising world because of its immorality. ive had photography published, and photographed many bands, raves and festivals. worked in a music rehearsal studio and worked on location setting up P.A. systems, lighting systems, projecting visuals. I also worked as webdesigner, poster designer and promoter for a local music venue.

Im in a band called 'the Oscillator men' and also D.J. at underground parties and raves. (psytrance)
Recently ive got into astronomy and also quadcopters and drones. Built my own 450 class quad with FPV after learning from online info.

I come from a city hat has a good underground art and music scene and have been involved with community projects.
I beleive a lot of the creatives will benefit from steemit and i have managed to get a few people on here and i intend to spread the word to more.

As you can see i am techy minded and love to learn new things . I have experience in media and I like people and love to be involved in communities.

I believe i have skills to bring to steemit and i'm happy to share my knowledge and be a part of this community.

Since being on steemit I have written tutorials and how-to posts on photography, photoshop, turning crypto into cash, how to mine steem, and how to build a mining frame and i have many other tutorials i wish to share. (see bottom of page for links)

I'm also heavily into learning about ancient history, mythology, theology, Khemetology, astronomy, science, the freeman movement, politics and conspiracy.

My main love is photography, and i have posted many images in #photography, been a regular entrant in the steemitphotochallenge and have had a 2nd prize and honourable mentions. i have also been a judge for the steemitphotochallenge.
as a photographer i have experience in archival printing, hand tinting and toning, digital imaging, photographic theory and history.
I have quite a few ideas for future community photography projects so watch this space.

I'm always happy to share my knowledge , help people and give advice.

please vote for me and in return I can keep a witness and seed node server up 24/7 , monitor regularly and make any changes and updates as required.
I will continue to contribute to the community and share my skills and projects with steemit.

Server spec for witness node
2 core cpu
8GB Ram
Running steem v 0.16.2
Server based in Germany
I can upgrade as required.
I am going to set up another server with seed node which should be up and running in the next few days.

To vote for me please got to https://steemit.com/~witnesses
and vote for pcste, if you cant see me in the list
Scroll to the bottom of the page and
Enter pcste and Click VOTE
Thank you :-)

below are some links to my previous tutorials






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