LaPingvino Witness

While I'm writing this, I am setting up a new witness node. One thing to node is that it's specifically not running on hardware, although it does use the docker setup made for those, so it should run mostly the same.

The server has plenty room to grow and should be quite fast even for this purpose, but time will tell how it will actually perform. Specs:

  • 30GB RAM
  • 8 cores
  • about 800 GB storage
  • located in Nuremberg, Germany

As @klye can tell through my help in setting up the on day one of Hive, my tech skills are up to the task for keeping things rolling quite decently, and my goal is to dive deeper in the technology and add to the ecosystem over time.

I don't do politics, but I went back into Steem when Communities were just introduced, and quite shortly after I was immediately on board with Hive, already days before anxiously waiting for the news of a fork, because I care about blockchain technology that actually works as a blockchain. I am still now and then commenting on Steem to help remove misunderstandings.

I plan to use HP gained by this witness, if any, to support the Esperanto community and efforts like implementing chat by OpenOrchard so we can have more and more communities find a safe and decentralized home with HIVE, and either way I hope to gather more knowledge by doing this, and have fun.

Thanks for reading so far, when the witness is fully set up you can vote for me as witness via or by filling in my username there (for now just a little patience until it's fully set up).

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