Hello Hive - I'm Pcste from steemit - I've now moved my witness server over to HIVE.


Please vote pcste for witness.

Most of you already know me from Steemit.
Ive been a witness on there for about 3 years.

I also posted a lot, mainly my photography.
I also posted photography tutorials covering analogue and digital processes and also photoshop tutorials. Also tutorials on on crypto related things such as using wallets, exchanges, how to change crypto into fiat and crypto-mining and POS masternodes.

I used to contribute to steemwiki by writing some of the content. And used to sponsor poker games on SPL (steem poker league)
I also ran a few competitions/giveaways to new steemians or steemians who weren't getting much recognition for their contributions.

I'l be honest im not really much of a coder, ive learnt a bit from web design and cypto mining/witnessing but ive been into computers since the mid 1990's when i bought my first pc to run photoshop. Hence the name pcste.
Most of my knowledge is GUI based or about building custom pc's. ie. rigs for gaming, recording, animation, video editing, mining etc.
I also used to work as a web designer in the early 'noughties' using GUI based programs such as dreamweaver.

Even though im not much of a coder, i believe i contributed to the steemit community with my posts, tutorials/help and witnessing.

I hope to contribute as much if not more to the HIVE blockchain.

Atm i could really do with your witness votes. So far it has cost me far more to run my server than ive got back from signing blocks on steemit. Il be honest i'm not sure how long i can keep being a witness if i don't start to cover my server costs soon.

link to my old witness statement

Please vote pcste for witness.
to vote for me go to : https://wallet.hive.blog/~witnesses scroll down the page and enter pcste into the box (dont use @sign) then click vote.

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