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These past few days I'm finally working on my Crybabiez series. I have made 3 additional works so far and will need a few more to finish it.

I'm having fun while doing it as it doesn't require much thinking (unlike the ones with concept) and I can watch Naruto at the same time.

I can experiment with colors that I haven't touched before lol.

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Here is another photo from another work. I'm loving them so far cos I get to see it with different color combinations. So even though they have the same composition and such, they would still look unique cos of the difference in colors.

It's also therapeutic cos I don't feel any pressure with it at all. Just having fun with lines and shit. :D Oh and I get to liquify as much as I can too. xD

Hoping to finish it very soon so I can drop them all at once!

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