I am incredible sad to see the WINE project shutting down today (2021.09.25)

I personally did not used WINE much, but this token is (was) one of the best engagement encourager tokens, amongst other similar tokens, for example beer, engage, alive, pizza.

I am a huge pizza fan, and nowadays I regularly call it to encourage engagement by rewarding people.

I hope that what now happened to WINE, will not happen to the other tokens, especially to the above mentioned ones, but based on what @theguruasia wrote on Discord, this can happen to any token, if someone holds a large enough stake (near 100 million from the token) to do the thing described below.

He wrote this:

@Roger.Remix or someone minted 95 million WINE to burn-token wallet manually. So, it became a shit token with this recent activity.

But I am happy for the good news, which is the fact that there will be a new token in a few days, which can replace WINE, and the command will be the same.

But what if the same thing will happen to the new token? Or even to the other tokens?

I do not understand why would anyone intentionally ruin a token? What could be the motivation behind this?


The fork of WINE will be WINEX. Hopefully no one will ruin it.


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