WINEX Placed Buy Order of 1000 BEE Tokens

Hello Hivers,
We placed 1000 BEE Tokens Buy Order at 1 Hive per BEE Token to enable the staking feature of WINEX Token.
If this order will not complete, we will place buy orders up to 1.2 Hive Per a BEE Token.


We planned to set the Unstaking / Cooldown period as 3 days in 1 transaction. (Similar to Hive Backed Dollar (HBD) Saving to Liquidity Withdraw).

Rewards to Stake Wallet?

When you call for $WINE rewards, it's rewarding to the Liquidity wallet of WINEX Token. When the Staking feature is enabled, all token rewards will direct to your Staking wallet.

Stake To Summon WINEX Bot?

When the WINEX Token staking feature is enabled, you should stake WINEX Tokens to summon the reward bot.
We hope the buy order will fill in the next couple of days to enable the staking feature of the WINEX Token.

Stay Safe & Enjoy

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