This one looks all the way to the end like a playoff game. No blowout, both teams are scratching to win the game. A series it is and Friday I am waiting for another crazy and good Jimmy scoring 40 points. Ain't happening today so I do not know how he will deliver another punch.

Turnovers has been a problem for the Lakers all over the match. LeBron alone had four in the first half. Is he sloppy with the ball or the pressure of the Finals?
Even though the scoring was not there today, the defense was tight against the Heat. They had open shot but most of them were contested. The three points did not fall as usual expect for Duncan Robinson.

Bam did play but you can feel he is in pain with his shoulder. He is trying to nurse it around. His contribution was valuable tonight. Hope he did not aggravated his injury more. Tyler plays fantastic. Now we have a problem, trying to hold the rookie to a higher standard. He scored 37 points against Celtics and the world thinks he can do it again on the Finals.


Contrary to the previous game it was a low scoring game. Lakers might find the way to beat the Heat by making their scoring line under 100.
Looking through the stats I like to play with the numbers. Both teams the players with most points only have 8 shots made. So it was low just for Bam who had 75% field goal.

Watching the game from three quarters, I give Miami the edge of winning the game by 60%. Since they cannot run away with it due to lack of making baskets, they leave the door wide open for LBJ and AD to carry the game away in the last minute.
Rondo only score the basket that count the most. He is a good handler and you can see that with his way of distributing the ball.

Friday will be the match of the season for both teams. Miami cannot lose. Lakers cannot lose, giving hope to the Heat. It will be a battle. I want to see offense runs the game. Defense is okay but brutal to the eyes.
You can expect Miami to come all fired up and put pressure on Lakers bench to score. Tactical will be displayed all over.

Miami side should be ready to put on a show. I am not a coach but Iguodala will play huge. Tyler will be there. Duncan and Olynyk will shoot more.
Jimmy will have to bring his aggressiveness on the court and score more instead of being the facilitator. Bam, hopefully healthy enough will be huge on defense. Nunn should play more minutes.
The problem is only 240 minutes available with all players.
Jimmy should play less minutes if he is not scoring early.

For the Lakers as long AD and James score 60 points, the yellow and purple will deliver the grand finale. KDP needs to be big on scoring the three points. Kuzma seems disposable but his presence can be feel if he scores 15.
Rondo might drop some threes in transition.
Dwight may not be present since Heat play one and one defense.
Posting or waiting to stay under the basket is almost non factor.

Lakers has enough plays to win as long their defense duplicate tonight. They had 79 where Heat had 74. If we take away the turnovers, Miami should win.
Little thing makes a big difference at the end of the game.
Can't wait for Friday for another round of great basketball.

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