My weekend surrounding around online classes, sleep and food

Sometimes I think that the life of students is nothing but full of tension. This entire weekend has been spent in my online classes, quizzes, and papers.
The first thing I woke up on Saturday morning was a good breakfast. Because in online classes I did not take care of my health at all.


After having a good breakfast, I joined the online class and took the whole two hours class calmly. On Saturday afternoon, it started to rain outside with thunder and lightning. I took my sister and started bathing in the rain because I didn't want to miss this chance. I know I am a 21 year old girl but I still enjoy small pleasures as big happiness.

No matter how much we person grows up and mature, but we should not kill our inner child.right??


Oh it's time for my class again. Yes, you heard it right, I had a two-hour class again on Saturday at five in the evening. I joined the class and lay down. Hey, is it nine o'clock? I was sleeping in the entire online class. I don't even know when I fell asleep.


I had a two-subject quiz on Sunday. And there was only twenty minutes of timing. And I had twenty MCQs. But I had three questions left. And only seventeen of my twenty answers were correct.


After attempting the quiz, I spiced up my sunday with Golgape, Pani Puri, fuchka or whatever you say this dish in your language.

Anyways guys, my routine this weekend was around this cycle, Sleep, take class, eat and then sleep.


On the one hand, online classes were stressful for me. But from another point of view, through these online classes I was connected with the students of every city of my country. How cool na

Through this online classes, I got to know the thinking of others, their mentality. Just like through articles we get to know the thoughts of others.

Has it ever happened to you that your voice is suddenly unmuted and all 200 attendees are listening to your nonsense? This situation happened to me last night and I am so embarrassed that I have not unmuted my voice again since yesterday. Hehe
And you know, I'm still taking stress, oh I mean online classes.😅

(All photos and screenshot are captured and editing by me)

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