A Marvelous Trip To Goderich 🚗🚗

I decided to take the wife out of the house 🏠 and go for a little trip, she gets so excited 😆😆 when we get to leave, so we went to the grocery store to donate some food to the food bank, the bag of food we gave was Soo heavy, way too many cans, ahh.
After that we drove down to beach ⛱️⛱️ lots of Canadian Geese there, they are interesting birds.

After that we went to different dollar stores like Dollarama and also Dollar Tree to buy some nic nacs. Then the wife was trying to convince me to buy a salad 🥗🥗 when Wendys, of course I had to think 💬💬 for a while about that because we have lots of food at the house, my mind started drifting and I started thinking about the voice chat I had with @gangafarmer he helped me quite a bit and got me more excited about hive, I can't wait to get my own internet, so I'll have more time to focus on Hive. The discussion of pot came up and that I hardly do it anymore, so I thought what the heck, maybe I should get some tonight.
So I said to the wife, you can get your salad 🥗🥗 as long as I go to The Cannabis Guys, she replied with " OK, but don't get used to it.
So I walked into to store, they had a really rad skateboard there.

I used to skate a little when I was 17, I could skate really fast, but I sucked at all the tricks, I couldn't do a 360 kick flip, so I just decided my main trick was called a 180 degree kick flip.
They had the most epic skateboard holder at Cannabis Guys. It was of Jeffrey Epstein

I decided to get a drink called Phresh, it was the blue Raspberry flavor. It tasted amazing 😍😍

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