Dabwoods Gelato


After the first shipment of these dabwoods carts were siezed by customs my supplier send a second batch foc. These badboys are certainly more potent than the last batch of unbranded carts.

The Gelato strain is a hybrid but certainly gives a heavy body high. I've been mixing it up lately with my sativa and indicia strains so I can get a feel for what works for me. What I can and should use mid week (if any) and what's good for the weekend etc.

I certainly think I will be going with this new supplier in future but only for carts. Although the previous supplier had much better stealth this supplier sends me sealed, branded carts so that somewhat puts my mind at ease that it is what it says on the tin.

For flower I'll probably use a different supplier. The last batch I got was really quite tasty (super silver haze) so I'd be inclined to go with them again. Shipping and stealth were also top notch.

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