😜 therapy🤗

I'm going to therapy.
It all sounds heavier than it is. But I haven't been feeling so well for a while. And spoke to the doctor today. I have a lot of anger and sense of injustice in me. And together we looked at what we can do about it. I have a really cool young doctor. I can come again next week and then I can tell him more about what's bothering me. He also suggested that I go to an ADHD group. I stopped doing that 3 years ago because I didn't see the point in it at the time. But now I have more time and patience for that and if it helps me why not. And now the best news of all. He asked how much I was taking cannabis. I will be honest that I am on 3 grams per day. And he acknowledged that it probably helped me with my ADD after all. Than I ask for medicanna. He wasn't going to do that. they only do that in cancer cases. But maybe through the adhd group there were possibilities. But that he recognized that cannabis helped with ADD. I'm already happy with it. I was given a few more strong sleeping pills to get a good night's sleep. And let's take a look at it this week. He didn't say anything about that maybe I should smoke less. I proudly told him about hive and that I have 2 plants at home. And a lot of people who read my blog. And that I enjoy it.

Yes this is my medical weed. And for the first time I feel like what I'm doing is the right thing. Furthermore, the doctor had pointed out to me that despite everything I came out clearly with my words and that I clearly knew what I wanted. Which also made me feel good.


Now I'm going to chill out and play a bit on PC
Thank you everyone for coming to read what's on my mind. one day it will be fine.🤣 Good day and stay
peace 💪✌

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