cutting smelly weed 🤫


I just cut the pbb. And that is always super exciting. But also scary. those smells are so pungent. And that weed is really sticky. It's just glue. Even the leaves were covered with thc wires. I cut pretty rough. When it's drier I'll see what I can take off. I'm always afraid that people will smell it walking by. And then complain. But so far it seems like I'm getting away with it again. hehe.
As long as the weed is in a tent with a carbon filter. Then it is doable. So I didn't take any pictures while cutting, which was a shame because it was something I liked. But my hands were sticky and I wanted to deal with it as soon as possible. Now that everything is in my dry tent and we are a few hours later, I feel somewhat at ease again. Growing cannabis under a lamp is still not legal in the Netherlands. But outside of weed just isn't that strong And I like strong meds for my adhd. my doctor pointed that out to me recently. I'll leave the drying tent closed for a week and then I'll take nice pictures of the harvest. Even though I am civilly disobedient. I am otherwise a good person and don't want to be a burden to my neighbors more than necessary. Luckily my neighbors are okay.
Do you also have experience with cutting or smell nuisance share it in the comments
everyone have a nice saturday evening
And thank god he helps me get away with it lol

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peace out


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