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Bla die bla by loona

Dear followers, people on hive
I should have been on my bed a long time ago. But I don't feel like lying in my bed just yet. I love sleeping, don't get me wrong. But I always have trouble getting there. The medication also works well but often because of the medication. I'm going to watch everything on youtube or whatever. I watch the craziest subjects. and I'm totally into it. I space him hard. quantum physics time travel galaxies I can totally see it. I never reach this level during the day. during the day I am tired and grumble about people in front of my door. But by bedtime and my medication will start working. My brine is going to chill too. And everything comes in easier or something.


what I also do a lot is worry. over the world what a mess it is. And I think a lot about the people we lose. Me dad but also someone on the news. who I know from the news and that was a bit cheeky journalist. But a genuinely good person. and this was an interview with him that was to be broadcast after his death. And that made an impression on me. He said he was angry and disappointed at what a mess he left behind. not necessarily him. But he talked about the world hunger was there 30 years ago. And it's still unresolved. just like conflict. which will probably always be there.


I can't change the world. Maybe a little with my beautiful lyrics. But I can't do much more than keep it to myself. I live and try to make the best of my environment.
back to the gym tomorrow and then off to bed for now.

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