Idaho Passes Restrictions on Cannabis Advertisement

As cannabis has been legalized in different areas we have seen strict rules come about in the arena of marketing for cannabis products.

Companies who are looking to sell cannabis products have been heavily regulated in what they can and cannot use for advertising on the packaging and in commercials or on billboards. Not only is the content restricted but so too is the area, as far as where they can advertise in the community.

The Idaho senate recently passed legislation that would prohibit commercial cannabis advertisement in Idaho and that is now going forward to the House for further consideration.

Cannabis is still strictly prohibited in Idaho and marijuana advocates there are fighting a difficult uphill battle to try and change things.

Lawmakers have recently put forth a Constitutional ban on legalization, because they are showing they are not ready to afford the people in Idaho that level of self responsibility just yet when it comes to plants.

Those behind the anti-cannabis restrictions don't want to see sick people, veterans, the elderly, and other patients, being able to access medicine like cannabis in their state. They would rather see an environment protected that would have them risk their well-being and risk being locked up for trying to find something that can bring them healing and peace from their pain and other remedies.

"Protecting the community" from who? The drug war only hurts communities and denies people their basic individual liberty over their own body and right to make their own choices.

There are thousands of veterans in Idaho who could use access to cannabis to treat a wide range of ailments, as well as seniors, children, and others who would like to access THC, CBD products, and other cannabis items for one reason or another.

Republican Hypocrisy..

“This is just one more step to making Idaho that place we all want to live in and have the freedoms we enjoy,... But we don’t need the illicit drugs or the problems that comes with them. And to have billboards advertising them seem totally erroneous to me.” - > Republican Sen. Lee Heider of Twin Falls

"A place we all want to live in" according to who?

Not every individual in Idaho wants to see cannabis criminalized. In fact, past research shows that more than 70 per cent of the people in this region want to see it legalized.

Do you have freedom if you don't even have the freedom to peacefully consume a plant without the threat of violence from the state? That is a very poor definition of freedom if you can't even afford people that very basic liberty to medicate with a plant.

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