Another day at work but im takin a puff in the honor of Hive. Knocking out some battles and guitar missions too.


I have not had a chance to post in weedcash ever but im not ashamed to say that i enjoy a little puff every now and then. Im taking the moment while the night is halfway through here near Chicago Illinois. With much to do and not so much time to spare i felt like doing a smoke in the mirror picture, so there ya go.


I have 2 patients at the lab, a student, trying to learn a new task, same old routine but it on this graveyard shift for a decade and its literally killin me. The rip at least takes the edge off the stress that we all have to deal with

Trying to battle, doing a guitar mission. Its a whole zoo. Looking for interesting spots to take a picture, lemme scope something out here....


I have taken a picture like this before, with the masks in the background, in our supply room. I just got an idea to sit in the doctors office like a boss, lets try that.


Styles, is the reason for the "pen and wash" effect. I think its cool. Busy night here though. Taking me 3 hours to finally finish this. Some people just hard to fix with the CPAP machine.

Otherwise, a cheers to you all. Time to wrap up this night soon.

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