The power of human brains

Can you notice how trade game is making people retarded?
Ok I will explain.
Trade makes people lie, steel, corrupt, do not care , be selfish , and so on
When you are born in this planet abundance of food at resources like cannabis . At first they take everything from you , because trade game make them feel like a gods. Money(fake) in their pockets made believe that they can do that. After that when you feel hungry ,- they offer a "job" blow my whistle and you will get 10£ per hours. Take rasinę from my asshole and you will be promoted. So while you blowing someone's whistle you start thinking. Okey if everyone is like this I will do the same . I get some fake money in my pocket( money do not exist they are printed in the factory) I will start enslaving others. I will open a business or hive blog and start getting rich by telling what to do. I won't create trade-free food, housing and transport , I enslave others so they will be poor and I rich:)
So eventually I will become retarded as everyone in this planet earth .
I become so retarded what could not even image another ways Joe to live and enjoy life. I create shit products without value and trade the for billions. I will by house for 10 millions and get slaves to clean my slippers.
I could not make any other conversation oy how steel money from other by calling I am business man.
As more rich I get more got retarded. I forget who I am- a human sapiens. I image myself as God ( retarded human sapiens). I will enjoy enslaving overs. And if one day I wake up from retarded game and decided to leave this nonsense mentality, I could not do that because I became the slave of trade game .

If you need help to get from this retarded game , join and learn at and while enjoying trade-free life you can order trade-free cannabis from Cannabbee
Learn how to create trade-free business and become human sapiens not a retarded GOD.

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