Autoflower myths and tips

In this week's podcast will be going over the ends and out of order flowers autoflower miss and why I think every beginner gross start with autoflower or take that and let's learn some awesome information about cannabis first and foremost you don't know me I am this week in the flowers and a lot of them is associated with growing them start off I want to dismiss or put a rest the idea that the flowers are way more temperamental and you can't train them like photo period now granted this does have some truth to it and it says that you really can overload the training that being said even if you have stable genetics a large overloading of stress can cause hermaphrodites to happen with any photo period or autoflower so keep that in mind back to my point you absolutely can and 100-percent train always and transplant I was just like any photos as long quality seed which I'm going to plug homegrown cannabis personally supercrop in order flowers three times in one grow in on the first one it was a total accident and I basically made a nearly headless Nick from Harry Potter it was that she was stressed out I was dressed up but guess what I did it žuvis pro videoprocessing as well just came back from several people smooth calculating effective the nice mine hi and yesterday I actually did just press some out and I have to say it's very clear very clean smooth and definitely in in the car very tasty lots of fruit is so amazing very clean smooth and Jacqueline in the car very tasty lots of fruitiness so amazing job to homegrown cannabis code for the stable genetics to get your autoflowers many people say autoflowers can handle stress or training blah blah blah however we just don't understand the concept of having distributed training of a long period of training for a planet to recover one strap I say this because with autoflowers it's all about low stress training bonsai down or thin don't talk you play or film supercropping or Bobby only highest restrained you really want to do a long with the variation can be too heavy edosa highest restraining some autos will or even die from itor even die from it have a genetic makeup in their DNA that is a cycle that tells them when the flowers specifically at America and their life's been where they received one hour light a day or 24 hours of light they will no matter what go into flower whatever day your code tell them to removing a top of in your girl can from what I understand how the distraction this genetic code reception to the receptors throughout the plan which causes it to frenzy thinking it's about to die we all know this is where we tend to see bananas form from self-preservation is a small p****** created to self pollinating hopes of preserving its genetic makeup and living on in nature so yes you cannot talk but that doesn't really need much in the world of order for this is where you would supercrop your main stand it start raining at all the love of Scrubs light canopy and focused heavily on a lollipop style grow where's the days go on everyday you do lightly foliations however you can can and I definitely do suggest doing a singular heavy defoliation at the flower swap or when you notice your girls grow pistols something and if you want to check out the podcast on training techniques definitely check it out there's more info on that over and down one after last evolution just keep it to minimal before you shin with stress when you're in late flower you don't want to stretch your plan out too much in pop banana so with all that I can promise you you can yield in a shorter time I have the amount of trekeive I'd like a photo woodfall obviously that grows for six months compared to a 9 weeks will definitely have weight differences compared literally you can get fully pumped out easily two or more answers for beginners and a lot more four experienced growers even the beginner could go more it's just I say 2 oz because I'm never going to say you definitely going to put more it takes a lot to grow cannabis and you have to put a lot of effort into it but it's very rewarding and order flowers are one of the easiest trains that I absolutely recommend because they grow up for the timeframe for the cost you put into them the nutrients and how resilient homegrown cannabis cokinetic truly are I highly suggest all beginners start with them now that you understand you can absolutely train your plants produced happy years you just can't half of them as a beginner it's a no-brainer you don't have to worry about light cycles about Lisa in dark period are really a lot of time headaches is learning when you put your girls into 1212 based on the size of your grow room and how much you reply and stretches and flower and guys and girls before there's a big difference in stretching and flour a sativa plants are not even stretch upwards of a foot and flowers so if you're not prepared for it with your 10 size it can actually be very detrimental automatically do everything itself so running 24-hours alright with an autoflower just following your daily schedule lead you to a nice that crap in 9 to 12 weeks depending on your autoflower strain if you do to go for a wee deal without planning multiple season making an even top can if you want to get a healthy meal Oman well that is the fact that you can have multiple strains in your garden which means options for smoking at the end vs Skoda taking up your hole groceries and cons to photos and all those but for beginners and just focus on getting good but I highly suggest autoflowers low growing medium growing and holler plans as well as hybrids indica and sativa THC medium and high THC so they basically coming all variations of a hybrid strains are so many options to choose from with autoflower genetics being so stable from homegrown cannabis I recommend any numbers grower or experience with a try their hand at some of them and see how they did having a harvest every 9 to 12 weeks per plant it took me 600 years from the time I was 18 to now I'm 25 and countless hours of it on growing out what companies are best which nutrients to buy which seeds to go so having to understand the average new growers taking on a hell of an education run on their first grove just takes a lot of the stress and headache away from the first grow also being limited with only doing LST and not having to do too much high stress training tactics horses the growers to learn more of the bonsai method which will be absolutely helpful when you can't the training methods for a massive bushey thought of that is taking over yourwhich will be absolutely helpful when you can't it's raining at this for a massive bushey thought of that is taking over your text for me personally as a grower for autoflowers absolutely recommend them any novice or experienced grow up like to talk about is the fact that you cannot transfer transplant shock it's just really not true you can totally transplant them you'll just have to give you time to recover before any other training weather is low stress training or highest restraining order flowers continuously grow so any sort of high Street dunster grove for a short period which isn't necessarily a bad thing there are several reasons why this is a good thing in flowering little bit of history and basically forced to play in the creating a little bit more resin production as it's during the end of it's like you don't want to create too much stress but a little bit is ok ok so to recap you absolutely can't rain all the flowers just like photoperiods - topping or filming and we talked about how to grow autos without using that method of growing more than one so it means multiple strains of variety for smoking you absolutely can't transplant your auto flowers you just need to give it a good 3 to 5-days to recover on your plants response definitely produce quality and quantity without of flowers if you give them the patients they deserve in use autoflower growing techniques I will say this again genetics or vitally important to autoflower seeds so I can't stress enough to go purchase from homegrown cannabis co at amazing strains level of growers smokers or cannabis connoisseur to go check them out you should have follow along and whichever platform you beautiful people are listening from a tune into next week's podcast I do hope this was somewhat informative on some of the mess and tips on autoflowers in this week's weekly Wednesday podcast by homegrown cannabis and as always I'm your house chronic from the canvas chronicles on Instagram and YouTube and peace
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