Wednesday Walk on Central Avenue

This is my #wednesdaywalk post for the challenge hosted by @tattoodjay.

I will start with a photo of a restaurant right next door to my apartment building. This is a very popular spot in my neighborhood, and also it is the main reason why I became lazy at cooking at home: they have an extensive menu and very affordable prices.


The reason I took this pic is the 3 "help wanted" signs... and the fact that the restaurant is closed today... at noon!!! Jeez... I hope it is not closed for good. The reality is that they don't have workers! They need cooks, servers, cashiers... according to the signs... so they need everybody? So, who's working there? the owner only?

Oh my... let's keep walking on Central Avenue, the busiest street in Jersey City Heights.

One block away: another restaurant closed. Hmm... Help Wanted sign in the window.


Keep walking... Nail salon open, only one technician inside and two customers waiting... help wanted sign in the window.


Ok... I can go on and on, almost every small business has a sign in the window. So, they want to open up the businesses, but they don't have workers. This is the reality that we see on TV too. People stay home because they still receive benefits from the state, or work from home because they have remote jobs, or just don't want to work in person because they are afraid of the virus (I don't blame them, I am afraid too!)... or because the pay rates are too low!!!

Well... something must be done, I am an optimistic person and I am sure we will get over this hump.

Meanwhile, I am passing by a mobile vaccine center, placed just on the avenue, close to a bakery and the bank... I don't know how I feel about this... too much pushing in YOUR FACE with these vax campaigns...


Anyways... I don't mean to get political or "over-opiniated" LOL... just sharing what I see around me. This is the purpose of this wonderful #wednesdaywalk challenge, isn't it?

Join us, so we can witness what's going on in your neck of the woods! Stay safe!


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