On August 29th, Garett and I celebrated six years together! But on August 28th, we celebrated forever.


Garett had been tasked with making our anniversary plans this year, since I was already busy with school, internship and work (I'm in my FINAL year of grad school!). My best friend, @Katysavage, is an amazing photographer, and he secretly had asked her to take photos of Garett and I with our dog Baxter for our anniversary. He told me the night before so that I had time to get ready, and I was so excited. I had been wanting to get pictures of the three of us for months, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. These photos and a nice dinner together would have made a perfect anniversary celebration.

But Garett had other plans.

On August 28th, 2019, we met up with our friends @katysavage, @josephsavage, and their beautiful baby @ravensavage. We walked around a gorgeous park taking adorable pictures with the dog. It seemed like the perfect way to celebrate six years of love.

After a while, Garett said "Let's go back to this bridge, I have an idea for a funny picture!". We walked back to the middle of a stone bridge, and Katy captured the rest. Check out the pictures below...







Katy was able to capture our entire engagement through these beautiful images, without even knowing that it was going to happen. It was so amazing to not only have our special moment captured, but to have them captured by one of our closest friends, along with Joseph and Raven. Garett had hand carved a ring out of a juniper tree to propose to me. I cried a lot, I smiled a lot, it was beautiful.

Even more special than all of that, our amazing puppy was a part of the entire process.

While taking this picture, Baxter was supposed to be sitting in the background of the picture a little out of focus. Instead, he jumped up to be a part of the picture and put his paw right next to our hands. I think he is as happy as we are.

We have now been engaged for a little over two weeks and it has been a dream. We are starting to plan our perfect wedding, and you can bet that it will be the most dog friendly wedding you have ever been to - it has to be! Baxter is going to be our dog of honor!




Photo Credit to the Amazing @KatySavage - Thank you for capturing this amazing moment for us

Love Always,


P.S. - Are you engaged or married? What is your proposal story? If not, what is your dream proposal? Would you want your dog or pet to be involved? Let us know in the reply section below!

I am excited to be back on steemit! I had to take a very necessary health break this summer after becoming incredibly sick, but I am doing a lot better now, and am excited to share more about Baxter, and now our wedding planning experience, with the steemit community! I look forward to reconnecting with many of you in the coming weeks! I have lots of back logged Baxter photos and videos to share with you all!

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