Various services offered by the Uber for X clone app

At the beginning of a new decade in 2021, multiservice on-demand apps have become the trend for both entrepreneurs and users. A multiservice on-demand app is a two-way market place for both service providers and customers. This app serves as the meeting point for the customers and the business holders. The service providers project their list of services provided by them, and the customers come in to accept their services. In this way, the business gets its recognition through its service and gains popularity among the app. has calculated a forecast that on-demand apps revenue is expected to project
693 billion dollars in 2021. More and more entrepreneurs and small business
owners are starting to invest in on-demand apps. According to,
57.6 billion US dollars are spent by business owners to cater to 22.4 million
users annually.
Several services can be brought under one roof with the help of an app like uber for X.
let us see some of them that can be provided
It offers many advantages such as
· Timely service.
· Easy appointment scheduling.
· Transparent profile.
· Filtering the services according to needs.
The Healthcare providers can use the app to provide their healthcare services such
as veterinary service, availing a nurse, old age healthcare, medicine delivery,etc.
Packers and movers
The packers and movers have been showing steady growth throughout the year, and this year especially, it has been offering a blooming profit. Using the Uber for X clone app, the users can reach out more efficiently, and there is a chance to get more customers through the app.
Towing services are not that readily available, and it isn't easy to find one. Under such circumstances, what if you can book vehicle tow services with just a few clicks on your phone and get your vehicle towed from any location? Sounds nice. With the uber for X app towing services can be made easily accessible and straightforward.
services include plumbing, electricians, cleaners and third hand helping people
get their household/office works done. The users can find all the experts in
the same app and filter out the services according to the requirement.
Uber for x offers the service of picking up your purchased item from a shop and
delivering it to you in person. It can be the other way around too.
Massage and grooming service
In the Uber for x app, we get to book a massage session to enjoy it at our home. The masseuse will come to your doorstep with all the equipment, including the folding table and offer you a nice relaxing massage.
House cleaning service
It offers a variety of cleaning services like air conditioner cleaning, bathroom cleaning
and house cleaning. The user gets to review their cleaning performance, so the
employees work their best to deliver a clean and neat service.
Babysitting service
Uber for X offers babysitting services that are very trusted as the babysitters
belong to an organization and are constantly monitored and governed.
Summing up
Turnkeytown offers uber for X clone app development which qualifies enough to compete with the leading multi-service marketplace apps because of its cutting edge, technologically upgraded app features which are well optimised and quick in its performance.

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