How Proof of Blind can improve its newcomer community


Proof of Blind, as explained in another post, is a great platform for newcomers on Hive.

But when looking at Hive Naija and the Newbies Initiative, there are definitely some things they could incorporate to make this a better community.

Some things that Proof of Blind could add is:

  • A discord
  • Weekly tasks or projects for newcomers to complete
  • Monthly contests

The first thing that Proof of Blind can initiate is a discord server.

Discord servers allow for people to communicate with one another fairly easily. If newcomers have questions or comments about anything relating to Hive, they can ask them in the discord. Asking questions openly on a discord can also help others that have questions. Others would be able to add on to the questions and create discussions about different topics. Discord is also a pretty user-friendly application that is also free for anyone to use. So, this would be the perfect means of communication for communities.


The second possible incorporation to the Proof of Blind community is creating weekly/bi-weekly tasks for the newcomers to complete.

Doing this will keep the community members engaged, instead of just posting one of their works and that be it. If there are different tasks for them to do (by posting), this can increase the amount of traction to come across the Proof of Blind community, as well as their personal pages.

Keeping the newcomers busy in completing different posts per week is also a great way to keep them on their toes and being consistent with posting. Without consistent posting, it will be hard for them to gain followers.


The last thing that Proof of Blind can incorporate is monthly contests.

One suggestion for these contests is to make it open to the public- not just the community members. But of course, the newcomers in the community would be encouraged to participate in these contests.

Having contests open to the public are always great. There are always many people on Hive wanting to participate in some kind of contest to earn rewards. This, in return, will increase the number of eyes and followers on the Proof of Blind community.

There can be different contests that showcase a number of different skills including:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Poetry
  • Music
  • Creative Writing
  • Art



If you have or are looking to create/improve a newcomer community, I recommend utilizing some or all of these methods!

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