The US will be split in two with this level of voting chicanery.


Dominion can claim to be innocent because their vote-counting machines were used illegally by other people. But, they are in on it.

Some Dominion machines were plugged into the internet during the election, which is not how they are supposed to be used.

The credentials for the authority to manipulate votes on Dominion machines could easily be hacked, through the internet connection.

In one county in Wisconsin, 10,000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden.


The way this works is that the results of any ballots that are counted that need to be reviewed are sorted into a separate file.

Those ballots were to be reviewed and then resorted to Biden or Trump.

But, in Wisconsin, 10,000 Trump votes in the file of ballots to be reviewed were simply clicked on and dragged to the Biden file, and were counted as Biden votes.

They got caught, but Wisconsin refused to review the results in other counties.

We have the records of massive numbers of switched votes, in Dominion machines that were accessed via the internet, in swing states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona.

Georgia, in particular refused to review these votes.

These Dominion machines were accessed from China and Europe.

In Italy, one guy admitted that he was involved in this, under the direction of the US Embassy in Rome. That’s the State Department, which works closely with the CIA. The people who run the CIA are the leaders of the same big bank establishment that funded the Biden campaign and BLM marches.

Also, there were vote dumps of over 100,000 votes in both Philadelphia and Detroit, in the wee morning hours after Election Day.

In both cases, the vote counting was stopped until the vote dumps were made. In both cases, the ratio of votes for Biden in the vote dumps was statistically impossible.

In Philly, there were large numbers of ballots in the vote dump that only had one vote on the ballot. Just a vote for Biden and no down-ballot votes. Signatures on these Biden ballots were copies.

State level legislatures took testimony from witnesses of election fraud.

Although reported as only limited election fraud, it was widespread, massive election fraud.

The entire system of election fraud has been revealed. But, the courts refused to hear any of the evidence.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, is a longtime establishment man (Wikipedia) and his name appears on the flight logs of Jeffrey Epstein’s plane.

Roberts blocked any review of election fraud evidence by the Supreme Court, getting mad and red in the face and yelling that he was not going to permit it.

Only 10% of Democrats believe that the election was rigged.

But, two thirds of Trump supporters believe it was rigged.

This has triggered the most serious secession movement since the Civil War.

We can not have a nation in the future if there is no confidence that the elections will be free and fair. The US will split in two.

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