Ghetto Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time lived ghetto Crystal Ann Balls Arnold Red Riding Hood Girl and her mom told her to go see grandma and then she met Joe the Wolf, played by me in 1996 a few days before my 11th birthday in Oregon. Filmed by older sister Katie.

Red took the long way and Wolf locked Lisa Evers, the grandma, in the shed. Red came and said what big eyes, ears, nose, and mouth wolf had after the wolf made a joke about whether grandma's TV has cable or not. Wolf went to eat Red but Grandma came back, somehow escaped the shed, and started beating Wolf and then ran happily ever after away into the sunset as the video transitioned to me playing guitar and singing Animals Are Dying in the house of Anna and Snow in Phu Nhuan of Saigon in maybe 2015 and you can hear them laugh as I sing and play and then I also sing a Vietnamese Moon New Year Song Tet Tet Den Roi Song. I love Vietnam and America too. My 2 sisters are Crystal & Katie.
Lisa is the friend of Katie.

I love making movies too.

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