Grocery Shopping in Mexico, How Hard Can It Be?! ~ #apparentlyvery

First things first, it's nice to be able to be active on PeakD for longer than one second. Much thanks/shout out to @mahdiyari who really took the time to ask questions and diagnose my issue, and voila, I'm back! So thanks again, I really appreciate it!

Maybe not being able to use my favorite UI for Hive was a blessing in disguise, because it gave me a kick in the butt to get my latest YT video up, edited, and published.

You wouldn't think grocery shopping would be a hot topic of discussion, or a "how to"" video possibility, but leave it to me and the wife to make it something as simple as grocery shopping an arduous and time consuming journey.

If we spoke fluent Spanish, this would have been much simpler. But we don't, at least, not due time, in due time.

See how much we get LOST IN TRANSLATION, in this latest episode.

Thanks for reading & watching.

Hive on y'all.

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