YouTube Journey DAY 13: ARTS & CRAFTS with Levi #1: Wiggly Worms

Today we're doing some arts & crafts with Levi.

YouTube Journey DAY 13

My back is getting better and it's was easier editing and prepping today's video. I've made the video ending scene a little bit more cinematic. Definitely improved in editing videos as well as adding some flair to it since from when I started. Also getting use to the app that I'm using and it's been really super helpful in making the whole video making thing smoother.

Video and audio quality is the best I can get out of my mobile phone. Any upgrade will cost us money and right now I'm gonna continue making use of whatever resources I already have.

We got 6 subscriptions to the channel yesterday which I'm super thankful for. Hope to have more acceleration on that front as we're still a long way from our goal of 1000 subscribers.

Looking forward to growing the channel and in the meantime, enjoy the ride.

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