YouTube Journey DAY 12: MYSTERY PACKAGE #2 : Unboxing with Levi

Our 2nd MYSTERY PACKAGE UNBOXING video with Levi. Can you guess what we got in the mail today?

YouTube Journey DAY 12:

We're almost into our 2nd week and we've managed to maintain on the goal we set out on of making 1 video a day. Wohooo! ~~~~

You'll notice that at the end of every video he does like a fun bit such as imitating of a dinosaur or just plain gibberish and it seems like it's becoming something that's unique to our videos. Haha... A signature move if you'd say :D

On a side not, my back is really hurting. I twisted it 2 days ago and today the pain has gotten excruciating. I've been most of the time on the bed but just need to get the video uploaded and today's blog typed out so I'm really rushing so I don't have to sit too long.

The channel has gotten 6 subscriptions in the past 24 hours which is our highest since our 1st day of 30+ subs. We've been doing on average around 1-2 per day so having 6 in a day is really a great encouragement to us.

Keep us in your prayers and appreaciate all the support, like, shares, and subscription!

Daniel, Levi & Family

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