Eating & Unboxing McDonald's Happy Meal with Levi

Levi eating and unboxing a McDonald's Happy Meal box.

Not a great toy this round but Levi makes the most of it and enjoys his favorite potato fries and chicken nuggets.

It's our first of Levi eating, on an entertaining level (1-10), how would you rate this video we did?

After spending time working on the visual side of things, today's video I've spend a little more time working on the audio side of things and figuring out how to balance volumes of our recorded voice and the BGM. Hope its a little better now for the viewing experience.

We really need a lot more subscribers and views if we want to reach our goal of monetizing the channel. At the moment we only have viewers from Malaysia & a small percentage from Singapore.

We need more viewers from other parts of the world and what better way than to call on the Hive community which consist of people all around the world to help us.

For the best quality, watch and listen in 1080p.

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