Drawing Talking Tom & Friends with LEVI

Levi loves to draw and paint when he's not too occupied with other activities. Here Levi draws one of his favorite video game characters; Tom & Friends from Talking Tom video games.

In this video, I've also started using a new editing app on my mobile since my computer's GPU has gone ka-put. The new app is pretty great as it does give me the ability to do the editing that I need for the videos.

I'm really glad how this video turned out which I think it's a slight upgrade from the first few uploads. Now we have some text, music, and sound effects in the video. I hope it's a more pleasant and interesting to watch so do share this video to your friends and their kids.

Thanks everyone for the support which gives us fuel to continue our YouTube journey. To infinity and beyond! ~~~~

Oh and make sure to watch till the end for a special behind the scenes on our thumbnail picture taking :D

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