Venezuela | About the last days and a new project for Humanitarian Aid

As many of you know, our country Venezuela has been going through a bit of a critical situation in the last few days, of which I have already spoken in my last publication: @zaxan/venezuela-in-the-dark-or-the-crisis-is-becoming-more-and-more-acute.

Now I would like to make a small recount on the facts to try to show part of what has brought this electrical problem and how they have affected a critical number of citizens.

  • Drinking water: Venezuela, in spite of having one of the largest reserves of water, which is pumped from various dams to cities in different states, this water distribution service does not have an emergency system in the event of an electrical failure and therefore it has not been distributed correctly. Motivated by this failure, most Venezuelans have looked for ways to supply themselves with this vital liquid.

Caracas, Distrito Capital.

Unknown zone.

Caracas. Capital District.

Contaminated river, Capital District.

Cota Mil, Miranda State.

Caracas, Capital District.

  • Food: after the various electrical failures that currently continue to affect at least 30% of the country directly, and affecting 100% indirectly, the various commercial premises as well as the banking system has suffered many problems. Decomposing products, fallen systems and other problems have led the Venezuelan to a struggle for food to survive in these days of darkness and calm where many merchants increase their products and others prefer to donate them before becoming total loss. In this aspect, desperation has led many, especially in the western parts of the country, to loot in order to survive.

The damage is estimated at 1% of GDP.

Maracaibo - Zulia state.

Zulia state.

Maracaibo - Zulia.

San Martin - Caracas.

La Florida - Caracas.

  • Lives: The blackout caused deaths directly to patients in poor health, especially those who relied on life-sustaining machinery (dialysis, respirators). Another portion of the deceased were newborns, as there were no incubators.

Desperation led some people to do everything possible to save them, but it was impossible since most hospitals in Venezuela have not had good power plants for several years and the Ministry of Health has not been responsible for this.

Blackout leaves deaths in Venezuela.

Táchira: 400 renal patients at risk of death due to energy failures.

Death toll in hospitals nationwide due to electrical failures.

Hundreds of patients in Venezuela are at risk of death due to a national blackout.

A woman carries her daughter who died of malnutrition.

17 Deaths as of March 9 due to blackout.

Baby on the brink of death.

Baby on the brink of death.

  • Media: Since most telephone services were affected by the lack of electricity, making telephone communication impossible, telephones have been left as simple devices incapable of allowing families to know what is happening in their localities.

  • Without knowing when the electrical problem will be solved: the failures in the power plant "El Guri" are a problem that has been sustained for years. There are less and less functional turbines, there are fewer and fewer power plants that can work and there are more and more promises that are never fulfilled. Faced with such uncertainty, the government only claims the facts as an act of sabotage and has not been able to offer an estimate of when it will be solved or how it could be solved. The failures have led other plants to explode because of power failures, which represents an even bigger problem for the country.

Sub station Sidor, Bolívar state.

Club Hipico Terraces, Miranda State.

The Miracle, Zulia state.

The citadel, Miranda state.

Las Cabillas - Cabimas, state of Zulia.

Personal situation:

We have entered a total chaos in which despair is winning us over. There are sectors in which there is still no electricity since last Thursday, March 07, 2019. Many families are suffering, others are losing loved ones. An inefficient government that for 20 years has only known how to blame the world for its problems while they continue robbing and destroying a nation.

In my case I could count on the support of wonderful people in this platform who have been aware of my situation and others who have contributed their grain of sand to support me, especially in the space of PAL, Peace, abundance and liberty.

I thank @juliakponsford for sending me 10 STEEM which together with 10 STEEM I previously owned allowed me to buy some food. I also thank all those who have given their vote or resteem to make this information go further.


Added to this I thank @r2cornell who sent me 50 STEEM which I have not used and made me think of a way to support more people and that I want to share with you below.


In Venezuela there are several foundations of which I know their presidents or staff in charge, which seek from helping patients with cancer, diabetes, malnutrition, among others, as well as helping people in street situations and poor people facing this humanitarian crisis.

Motivated by this, I asked myself: what if the blockchain would allow us to help these people at least in nutritional aspects or in support of medicine?

Believe it or not, such a thought is feasible motivated by a simple factor: the price of the dollar in Venezuela.

A clear example of this is for example the food, as you saw above, the products that I buy with only 20 STEEM are (although few), varied and can feed at least for a couple of days to a family of 5. This motivated to that the Venezuelan only earns $7 a month and while in other countries that amount does not mean anything, here it helps to survive one more day.

How would the idea basically work?

  • Create a humanitarian aid account for Venezuela.
  • To open a case requested by a duly constituted national foundation.
  • Post the request with the collections and evidence that verify the request.
  • Receive donations in crypto currencies (votes, transfers, sbi shares, etc).
  • Make changes from STEEM/SBD to Bolívares (local currency) through the exchanges available in our nation.
  • Make the purchase of supplies.
  • To reach the foundation.
  • To monitor and follow up the case.
  • Publish the evidence regarding the case: expenses, transfers, invoices, photos, videos.
  • Close the case.
  • Offer final balance.
  • Open new case.

Perhaps it is a quick and direct description, but on the basis of that it would be a way to receive and circulate donations in a transparent way where donors can also observe the development of the activity and where exactly their donation went.

I understand that in the blockchain there are platforms like @fundition however the process can take months on some applications and I consider it more feasible to have a constant feedback. Fundition could perhaps be used for something macro like supplying a hospital (for example).

I hope that this information and the idea that I present at the end of it are to your liking. I will be taking into account your comments and receiving any kind of donation to this account.

If anyone finds it feasible to create an account for this project and has a way to create it instantly and wants to help invite you to contact me by discord on the server of PAL, L'Arche, Steem Alliance or directly through: Zaxan [elarca]#9956

I will be developing the idea better but I would like to know your opinions and how much you agree about it.

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