I just sent 200 HBD away

Some weeks ago, a random guy left a comment under my blog.
I could tell he was no native English speaker.
I realized right away that he is hustling to gain some followers for his own blog.
...So I checked out his blog and started following him:


From his bio I know that he lives in Venezuela.
From what I hear about VE, I understand they are in an economic crisis.

He is trying to participate in photo challenges.
His photos do not come out too well; the rewards could be better.

Today, I decided to send him 200HBD so he can buy himself a new phone with a better camera.
I myself have a xiaomi redmi note 8 @ 129€, which produces much better photos than his current phone.

I can see, how someone reading this might think I am a dickhead for just assuming that guy needs my help. Maybe he got more money than me - what the fuck do I know.
Maybe he is offended, maybe he spends the money on drugs and hookers, maybe he takes the money and helps someone else- It is out of my hands now:


I have a good feeling about it, though.
Let's hope for the best, let's hope he spends the money wisely.

I do believe that what goes around, comes around. ...and that is not some esoteric karma nonsense, but just common sense, really.

...but perhaps I am just an asshole trying to feel better about himself.
It is my way of trying to be charitable.

Anyways, this is a post to at least cover some of the expense. Please vote 😂

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