#veganuarycontest Announcement: Contest Withdrawn ☹️

With great sadness I sit at my laptop to write this post, as I come to the realisation that the contest will not go any further. Veganuary is something close to my heart, as through taking part in it last year, not only did I solidify my own resolve to go vegan permanently, I also became more involved in Steemit. 

I had never thought of becoming a blogger, I joined Steemit as a bit of a laugh, thinking at first I would post funny photos or jokes, hence the moniker @lolzwithlisa! Soon however, I became really engrossed with the content produced by the bloggers on Steemit, mostly the vegan community. 


I was myself at that time a vegetarian, dabbling with going fully vegan but not quite there. The amazingly supportive and positive vegan community really encouraged me in those early days, and before I knew it I was posting vegan recipes myself! I decided to create a contest to coincide with Veganuary, to document my journey to veganism, but also to try to connect with others who wanted to do the same or vegans who wanted to share encouragement and support. 

I was blown away by the amount of Steemers who engaged with the contest, and by the awesome posts they entered. It connected me with other vegans on Steemit I wasn't already aware of yet and inspired me to continue my journey as I was bowled over by what amazing vegan food people were making!


So now, a year on and still going strong, I wanted to repeat the contest and try to get some new Steemians involved and encourage more people to try going meat and dairy free for a month. 


But Steemit seems different now... I can't place what it is specifically that has changed, but I have noticed more and more that the bloggers that I used to follow closely, who had quite a large following and amazing content, are dropping off of the platform in large numbers...


Still, as Veganuary gains more and more momentum every year on the outside world, I wanted to continue to use Steemit as a means of promoting it too. Sadly, the contest seems to have in only week one already run out of steem (pardon the pun!). 


Having only received 1 entry, it doesn't seem as though it will be sustainable throughout the month of January. So, with a heavy heart I have decided to withdraw the contest. I will however continue to post vegan related posts as always but the contest will not continue. 


Big shout out to my girl @plantstoplanks for always supporting the contest and being an inspirational vegan badass!!

Her awesome entry can be found here 😀 I'll shoot you a little prize soon!


If you are doing the Veganuary challenge, go to their official website for recipes, tips and all the information you could ever need to go vegan!

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