Go Vegan With Me This January! #veganuarycontest 🌱🍔🥦🌮🥑

Try veganism this January and WIN with my #veganuarycontest!


Hey Steemers, it's that time of year again where people look to the New Year with the hopes of bettering themselves, setting resolutions and reflecting on the year that has just past. Many people choose to give up alcohol over this period- an opportunity to 'detox' after a December of indulgence (not an easy thing in the cold grey month of January in England, I can tell ya😂)


In more recent years however, Veganuary has been gaining massive momentum as veganism becomes more mainstream. In London, there is more media coverage and publicity advocating a plant based lifestyle than ever before and record numbers of people are making the change every day, with one person signing up to the challenge every 30 seconds!!

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I've noticed marketing campaigns popping up all over the place- on the sides of buses and in the tube- it seems the Veg revolution is getting ever closer!


It's main proponent yet again is the Veganuary campaign whose marketing across social media and advertising has paid off big time again- a whopping 100,000 people have now signed up on their website, 25 000 more than this time last year!

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Some of you may remember that I conducted a Veganuary contest last January, where I challenged myself to take on a fully plant based diet for the month and wanted to initiate a way that others doing the challenge could encourage and motivate each other by creating vegan content to share with each other.

I LOVED seeing what everyone came up with every week, and the community and support that grew kept me going on the right track- so much so that, here, almost a year later I AM STILL VEGAN! 😀

I was vegetarian for 2 years prior to joining Steemit, but still very much a 'What about cheese though??' kind of veggie, it seemed unlikely that I would be able to give up some dairy products.


Well, it is just amazing how you can adapt to change, especially when you have a moral resolution driving your decision. Seeing all the amazingly passionate and supportive vegans on here really really does keep you mindful of the reasons that you want to adopt this way of life- the posts in the community driving home the message of kindness towards animals most crucially, but also of environmental awareness and concern about health.


Going vegan was the best decision I ever made, I look back at my meat and dairy loving self and don't even recognise that person anymore! I don't crave any of the foods I once thought I couldn't live without.

So whether you're a veggie who wants to go fully plant-based or a meat eater who is curious about veganism, why not try it for a month? I think you will be surprised how easy it is and how good you'll feel!


The aim is to create a little Veganuary community here on Steemit so we can encourage each other, that way it will be much easier (and more fun) than going it alone!

With that in mind, I would like to initiate a little contest in order to motivate and inspire each other!

What I Want From You!

I want to hear about your Veganuary journey, and this can take whatever form you like!

Including, but not limited to:

  • Vegan recipes (have to be entirely vegan)

  • Meal plans

  • Advice and tips

  • Book/ film recommendations or reviews (providing they are on topic)

(all submissions must of course be original content)

What's Up for Grabs?


Every Sunday during January I will select one winner who will receive:

  • 5 Steem
  • Resteem, and mention in the winner's announcement!

To Be Considered You Must:

  • Upvote and resteem this post
  • Link to this post in your submission
  • Tag the post with #veganuarycontest



I will be announcing the winners every Sunday, so please try to get your entries in by Saturday so I can have plenty of time to look at them properly 🤓

Entries are now open, the first winner will be announced on Sunday 6th of January!

I hope in creating this little competition we can not only raise the profile of Veganuary and in doing so benefit the animals, the planet and our health and also encourage others to give it a go by creating a community of acceptance and support.

And of course- show everyone how delicious a plant based diet can be!

cakes etc.png

Along with my usual veggie recipes I will do my best to provide informative posts to dispel common misconceptions and encourage constructive discussion.

If you want to make the journey with me I strongly encourage you to sign up on the Veganuary site:


It provides invaluable resources which will help you along such as recipes, suggestions of where to eat out and a wealth of information about nutrition. They will even send you a 'Vegan Starter Pack' to get you started and will email you with tips and ideas to keep you motivated all month.


And Veganuary is not just for those in the UK, people all over the world are getting involved so I'd love to hear from you wherever you're from! 😀


I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with, here's to a happy, healthy, VEGAN new Year!


Disclaimer: I have no professional affiliation with the Veganuary campaign.


Engage with the vegan community on Steemit by joining the Vegans of Steemit Discord channel and following @vegansofsteemit for more contests and delicious recipe ideas!

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