Why you should avoid/reduce meat and dairy consumption?

So, it's true. "One man eating a bat collected from exotic Chinese market caused the Covid virus to rise and propagate which has now cost millions of death across the world. And we are still locked in this pandemic. Yes, one event can wipe the entire humanity if we collectively don't take actions." Nothing to blame on China, it could have happened in Philipine or Srilanka or anywhere. Let's stop or at least reduce eating animals. Aside from Covid, many health issues ranging from heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes are connected with our meat consumption. There are several diseases well known to both the industry and the general public that are directly related to all the domestic meat species of beef, pork, lamb, and poultry. These include: a) E. coli from ground beef b) BSE (bovine spongiform encephalitis) from beef cattle c) Trichinosis from pork d) Salmonella from poultry e) Scrapie from lamb and muttonYou can read more: https://opentextbc.ca/.../diseases-associated-with-meat/Educate yourself about food and nutrition. I was an avid meat eater almost my entire life, because I did not know the facts and also I did not know about alternatives. I know that it's not easy to change our habit of eating meat so easy, if you are not willing to give up your meat eating, at least consider organic farm or grass fed sources or other humane place - but do consider transitioning towards less and less consumption of animal products. There's good plant based alternatives that you can learn in this Vegan documentary.


And also learn about what veganism is about. Veganism is not about eating only, it's a movement against abuse and realization of the connection between environmental impact of factory farming etc.

I used to eat 3 eggs every morning for years. Now I haven't mostly touched eggs or any dairy products for 3 years. I know how much I used to love eggs and how much everyone likes their breakfast. But here, Dr. Eric will make you sad, but may be it will save many years of your sadness down the road due to high cholesterol consumption if you can consume at least less. If you read the comments you will see or you personally may have evidence like "Oh, my granddad has eaten 5 eggs a day until his death when he was like 95." Or, "oh my mom is so fit"Yes, you are right. You got good genetics. "I can find 5 smokers who lived till 80 years old" I also am a social smoker, but that does not mean I am gonna advise it for everyone. And also, I should quit smoking if I want to live longer and healthier. Public health advice are general science and evidence based advice to be followed, of course it will vary in the population. When a scientist or a doctor says that there's a higher risk, try to understand what that means. Higher risk means higher probability. If I drive faster than the speed limit, I have a higher risk of getting into an accident and die -> does not mean that I am gonna die for sure, coz I just drove 90 miles per hour yesterday because I was late in my meeting. When people talk about anti-scientific stuff to justify their understanding or deny the fact, I feel like banging my head on walls sometimes, but I know it's hard for irrational human mind to understand probability.We try to find examples to justify our behavior. And we do risky, dangerous addictive things like I struggle to stop smoking. But I do understand my chance of dying by speeding with my car is higher than my chance of dying from smoking, my chance of dying from smoking is higher than my chance of getting disease and dying from eating eggs. LoL.Anyway, understanding the risk and taking actions is ultimately necessary and sensible. I know we can't always do all the right things, that does not mean we should not have the intention to do so. Also just because I promote all the right things, does not also mean that I don't fail to do the right things either. We gotta do what we gotta do.

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