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Hello Buzzy Bees!

When it comes to CTP, it's not a surprise for some that I'm a raging fan!


But when there are still people not knowing what is it, who we are and what the CTP Swarm Community is made of, I feel that I wasn't a fan enough in spreading the word!

Through this post, I will try to redeem myself! It is a good reminder of its roots and main goals, as well as what it became and what's upcoming in the near future! Of course, infographics will come to join the party!

Do you even know what CTP stands for?


CTP stands for Click Track Profit, which is an online business and entrepreneurship training platform, either you are brand new or an experienced marketer looking for new directions.

CTP has been around for years! Since 2010 to be exact!

But there's another year that's really special: 2019 was the year of new ownership and management to take it to a whole new level!


Brand new training was added according to the 2 B's vision: Building a Brand and Building a List!

To complement the List Building training, an old friend came back to help on the email writing skills:


To create good habits of working on the extra mile every day, Plus1Success Ebook got a makeover and relaunched!


All these together formed "The 3 Step No Excuse Plan"!


Besides all that, crypto and blockchain training were added to the mix, and CTP Talk was born!


The idea was to show all online marketers and entrepreneurs the potential of Hive (Steem at the start) for their branding and that cryptocurrency is the future! That's what we are trying to do with Hive, right?

So CTP Talk was created for everyone to have a place to build their personal brand, share their journey as entrepreneurs or future ones and build relationships with others, building a following and eventually build a list of subscribers and possible clients to their business.

To get into the world of crypto should be as simple as possible or you get too overwhelmed at the begining. A program was created with just simple steps and earn your first crypto right away:


Another idea to help get into the world of crypto was creating their own token and miner so not only you could earn CTP tokens by creating content on Hive, the marketer could have their own coin amongst the community and use it to buy products and services with each other and their customers!

What?? A token with use case?? Heck yeah!


Fire-Pay was the perfect bridge to make payments simple and including CTP Tokens!

To think that I bought a simple banner to show up on Click Track Profit for 30 days for just about a week of content creation!!

Some owners saw the potential of it and added it to their programs!

And a lot of people embraced the world of Hive Blockchain but let's face it...joining Hive and get it working properly is not that pink and rainbows...Even if today is much easier to get onboard, is still a bit tricky for some!

So...Here's a Guide!


But wait...there's more!

How about...buying and selling products and services not only with CTP Tokens but also with LEO tokens? Or with any other tokens on the Hive-Engine world? Including Hive and HBD??

No way!!


Do I need to say more?

Actually, I do!!

You are still new to all this Hive stuff and you go to Hive-Engine and see a bunch of tokens and you actually want to invest but not sure about them and not much time and patience to check one by one which resonates with can actually invest in one token that represents the top performed tokens on the Blockchain:


Phew...are you still here after all these infographics?
Guess what?
It keeps going!!
Just bare with me...just one more infographic...


Now I'm done!...For now!

The "little" Community that some think or not even know about it!
Already did this much!
And there's more to come!!

By the way, have you voted @clicktrackprofit for the Hive-Engine witness node??
Yep...there's that too!
There's a banner below to go vote!

Thank you @jongolson and @blainjones for everything!
Really grateful for getting into this and even more to be part of the team!


Forever a CTP Believer!

Hope this helps you get to know about CTP and CTPTalk :)

Thank you so much for reading!



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