Happy Valentines Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, frogs are gay, and so are you. Bill Walton, on ESPN, said they can watch you any time they want from our televisions. Here is the video about that below. Last night, I watched and reviewed a funny film from 2004 called Team America: World Police. Here are some photos from that below.

In the Team America animated or puppet or stop motion movie, the special A Team is seen trying to kill terrorists in France, London, Panama, Egypt, and all around the world, but they end up missing and end up accidentally blowing up stuff. So, like with the war in Vietnam, the main stream media was getting Americans to hate Team America. And Hollywood had a special meeting at one of their awards ceremonies like the Emmy's or Oscars or Golden Globes or something. And it was hosted by Alec Baldwin who went on to play Trump in real life on SNL. So, the actors decided that it was their job to read the news and to share it with the world as if it was their own opinions.

So, the actors said they must be political. There was a love story in this movie, starting with a terrorist killing the man that was about to marry the girl. But then the girl falls in love with this actor who they say is just like a spy since that is what spies and actors do, they lie and make people believe in what they say. So, he gets the terrorists to think he was a terrorist and it was supposed to be a trap. But they were the wrong terrorists. The leader of North Korea, the father of Rocket Man, joined forces with the actors in taking over the world or in blowing up the world or something big or what the North Korean god called something something for world pace and stuff.

Somehow, the actor guy was able to speak to the world leaders into not going with the world peace thing. And they tried to kill the North Korean emperor, and he died, but then a cockroach crawled out of him and crawled into a spaceship and went back to space as like an alien cockroach thing or like that master hand from Inspector Gadget. He said he would be back. He must have came back into his son, Rocket Man, some years later after 2014.

There was also a cat in the movie which was supposed to be like a lion. In the movie, there was Matt Damon who just said his name again and again. In the credits, there was song about Alec Baldwin sucking so bad or something. It was a funny movie from 2004, which was 14 years ago, as it is 2018 right now, and nowadays, main stream media and actors are colluding and working with North Korea, it seems, at least indirectly or maybe worse, against smaller government, less taxes, more freedoms, capitalism, money, hope, choices, and more. Very cool movie. It is a good illustration for the world on several levels. The LEFT hates it when you win.

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We Want To Be Controlled?

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Happy Valentines Day 2018 to you and your dog and uneaten chocolate. Oh, send me some. And while you are making love with your lovers, your television may record it so they can black mail you later for example. Do you care? ESPN admitted that they and others can do that. Look at the patents. Look at the white pages. Watch the videos and read the books about what technology is able to do. They are slowly cooking up the hot water as we are like toads an frogs in the MATRIX. And there are other things Globalists re doing to us. Like chem trail. But we the people make the world better as we fight back.

This is just one example of technocracy in action. And please tell people about it an ask them what they think. We do better when we are independent. But we cannot be free if they control us and more. There are so many things we can talk about in regards to this.

Bill Gates is going around killing and murdering people with and through vaccines and Agenda 21 depopulation programs and through technocracy, plutocracy, monopolism, corporatism, oligarchy, crony capitalism the NWO, Soros, Clinton, Obama, Bush, Oprah, and smart cars are bad and Facebook is very bad. Do you care? Don't eat the oatmeal.

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