Coronavirus: The Ultimate Vaccine Power Play?

The internet is abuzz with rumors about this new "virus" that we are told originated from a meat market in Wuhan, China. However, Wuhan just happens to also be the location of China's only Level 4 Biohazard Bioweapons laboratory. So, of course, many are saying the "virus" (or whatever it really is) was accidentally (or purposely) released from/by this lab.

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Then there's the story about the Canadian government sending home some Chinese who were supposedly involved in something nefarious to do with viruses a few months ago. Zero Hedge and others are claiming these were the deliery agents for the virus. That theory is being "debunked" here:

But, of course, given that all major governments lie, and that the most powerful lie the most, we can assume that conspiracy theories are inevitable surrounding this new disease. We also know that major governments are already tied at the hip to the United Nations, the billionaire pedophile/Satanist club, and the STATED DESIRE of these cretins to eliminate 93% of the world's population.

As a result, we must construct conspiracy theories most likely to be true, and then act accordingly. The most popular current theory is that this is an intentional release of a virulent bioweapon, and that it is designed, of course, to kill as many people as possible. The fact that people can deliver this disease before they are even symptomatic is helping to fuel this idea, as well as the smuggled videos out of China showing the "lethal end game" of this disease, with people just keeling over and face planting on the sidewalk, projectile vomiting of blood, followed by collapse, etc.

Then, of course, the corollary to that theory is that the real endgame is to FORCE a "vaccine" on people that will actually either give them this disease, or something else just as deadly under the cover of being a "cure." What a convenient power play this would all be for billionaire Satanists who want to "off" most of the rest of us! Of course, rumors are already flowing that the "vaccine" is already ready, or soon "will be," despite the fact that such development would normally take several months from the time of the first outbreak.

If the "powers that be" due have evil intent surrounding this situation, they, of course, could very well have developed a very "safe" vaccine for themselves (and those that they like.) The rich and powerful, and the swampiest elements of the global swamp would probably already be vaccinated with something effective. Then, the rest of us could be delivered something useless, or worse; and those of us the PTB don't like because of our activism, could get even a third "vaccine" variant that just plain kills us on the spot.

Lots to consider, and the fact that New Jersey just deleted the mandavaxxers' agenda at their State House, and that Maine and other states are already working to repeal mandatory actions recently passed, just adds fuel to the fire that this coronavirus is timed to keep VACCINE SUPREMACY as one the worst tools in the globalist conspirators' toolbox.

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PLEASE DO GET THIEVE'S OIL, start taking 5000 IUs of Vitamin D3 per 75 pounds of bodyweight daily, and pile in the Vitamin C, and do that daily. ALSO, get some colloidal silver which you may need for secondary bacterial infections that can result from exposure to this "weapon"--if that is what it does eventually prove to be.

God go with you and yours.

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