Just got my first dose today!


There are vaccination areas here in my city but they are quite far from me so I was waiting to get vaccinated in a closer area so I can get home quick for my dog. There’s not much line in there too I heard, and vaccination process now got smoother than before.

My mom found a schedule for me in a mall near my area which is just around 15 minutes away from me so I went immediately. I went at 8am which was quite a struggle for me since I don’t wake up that early.

Anyway when we got there, the process was smooth and social distancing was there. The event was held by a private hospital (probably why it was so smooth LOL). They had us lined up, took our information and our vital signs too. They asked us important questions as to not complicate the vaccination process like covid symptoms or history of diseases and such.

We got AstraZeneca. After the shot, another doctor explained to us what the vaccination is for and why we need it, what the possible side effects might be and what to do if you experience effects longer than 3 days. They gave us water and a banana after lol. I also bought paracetamol from a pharmacy nearby so I can be ready and I went home.

Side effects so far

At the first 5 minutes after the shot, I immediately experienced heaviness or just a bit of pain on my left shoulder/arm area where the shot was done. It’s a normal side effect and nothing to be worried about. After about 10 minutes, I felt the weirdness in my tongue like it going a bit numb and kinda a lump in my throat. I thought I was gonna lose my taste lol. It went away after 20 minutes though.

I went to sleep for 2 hours and ate when I woke up. After about 2 hours or so, I felt like a fever was starting so I took paracetamol. The pain is still on my left arm but it’s not something annoying anymore. Hopefully my fever will go down and be gone after I sleep.

Another discovery lol

When the nurse took my blood pressure, she said it was low and that I am anemic. I never knew about that or confirmed it from a doctor but now it makes sense to me why I have shortness of breath constantly. Like I have to breathe deeply from time to time cos I feel like I don’t have enough oxygen. I also have fatigue constantly and I was blaming it on depression and lack of exercise (which is also partly to be blamed for I guess).

I will research more on what to do and vitamins to take and to also have a healthier lifestyle. I will eat more veggies and exercise more. In fact, I already bought some dri-fit clothes so I can be motivated to exercise (sweating while wearing cotton is disgusting) and they will arrive pretty soon so I already am planning on starting back to exercising. :D


This also explains why I’m pale! :p (There’s filter in the photo tho).

Anyway hopefully no more side effects so we can be done with this shit pandemic and be back with having normal life again.

Stay safe!

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